Discovering my sparkle

I feel like I’ve reached a milestone, just turned 30.  What am I going to do? I’m sure that I love my family, my friends and “Mi Negrito”. They make me happy and whole, but what really motivates me professionally? I’ve been reading and trying to focus on what really drives me. Don’t get me wrong… I love the company that I work for, my boss and co-workers but there’s always an itch on what more can I do.

Every time I think of this, the word “empowerment” pops up in my mind.  You know what I really love to do? Empower people, be a liaison, the connection to keep the ball rolling. I’m the busy bee, the speaker, THE PLANNER, the hostess. I feel passionate helping others to connect and helping them find what makes the unique. Help a business grow, enable processes, share experiences. How do you feel after helping a friend overcome a difficult situation?  How do you feel after completing a project you’ve been working a long time? How do you feel at the end of the year and knowing that you helped the company you work for achieve all the metrics? How good do you feel after watching a project brought into completion, a project you dedicated many hours and strength?

Think of it… personally or professionally… empowerment is something that comes from the heart.  Empowerment, for me, is being an enabler. I want to empower you to feel good, feel better, and be a better person each day. Everyday ask yourself: “What am I thankful for?” “What keeps me going?” “How can I help?” “How can I be a better me?”